AVA / AVX COOPS - Operation 99

by The Hit Man

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2 plug ins for ava/avx coop players

file 1 (99easy) aka Operation 99, has 3 maps, solo player, 3 player, 16 player adaptive

all coops. Using the 99 units from AVX against pretty much any and everything in Reg Myth, AVA and AVX plug ins.

Each map tells you how to win. BUGS - One bug, the only bug it seems, is when too many Field Ops call in AirStikes on your team at once. The explosions are too much and the game crashes out to lobby or desktop.

Until an updated version is made, that error remains and the best way to prevent it, is to kill them FOP's before they call in too many Airstrikes on your candy @sses.

File 2 - classic Allies vs. Monsters, 16 player

Lots of people have already played this and now it is bundled with the partner co-op plug, Operation 99. This was the original AvX co-op. Operation 99 is the continuation and more detailed.

So, what is more fun then blowing each other to bits? Working with each other to blow everything to bits!