Over six centuries after the first cataclysm the earth once again stands on the edge of destruction. Two groups strive for control of the earth. The Soran are dedicated to the ideals of freedom and equality. The Touga is an industrial colossus determined to dominate the world. With the capital city of the Soran republic destroyed all that remains of their once great army is a small group of soldiers already in the clutches of the Touga. As they fight for their own freedom, they fight for freedom and hope as well. Welcome to the world of Touga. This plugin is one of the most unique ever made and has features never before seen in Myth. Touga offers:

  • A new and interesting storyline
  • My best colormap to date
  • One of the most intricate map scripts ever written
  • Five all new units
  • Dozens of new projectiles and scenery items
  • Over 30 new collection tags in all
  • Multiple weapons and powerups
  • The ability to collect and choose from an inventory of weapons
  • And an html manual that explains the whole thing

Touga is my masterpiece and at just over six megabytes should be a manageable download for all.