Alpha Guard Solo Camp Level 2


The Second level in the Alpha Guard series. The long awaited sequal has finally been released. This plugin picks up where "The Alpha Guard" left off. It follows The Alpha guard into another mission and brings you deeper into the plot of this ongoing campaign.

This plugin features:

  • An all-new colormap
  • A secret level with an all-new colormap
  • Both levels are fully scripted
  • Levels that are well suited to both solo and co-op play
  • 14 new or modified units including the already famous Alpha units
  • Fully narrated pregame screens
  • Tons of hidden tricks and secrets
  • 37 new sounds
  • Several all new projectiles and scenery items
  • More stuff that I can't think of right now

This is sure to be a must have for any myth 2 fan. To find out about all of the hidden tricks and easter eggs in the alpha guard series, download the "Secrets of the Alpha Guard" guide.