The Rock

by King Friday of Terra Incognita

No clever back story here, just hard-core multi-level mayhem in a beautiful river-carved desert canyon. Huge, humpbacked rock formations provide numerous artillery platforms, while the flat desert floor and river shallows give you plenty of room for flanking. Deep river pools let you sink your undead units for surprise attacks on the center island, affectionately known as "The Rock".

Two meshes are included, the fist being a four-start "normal" version featuring Archers, Brigands, Thrall, Heron Guards, Wights, Dwarves, Mortar Dwarves, and ghôls. The second mesh is that all-time favorite, an eight-start Dorf Riot featuring custom Dwarven Pathfinder units whose special ability is calling exploding chicken airstrikes. You have to see it to believe it!

The Rock Dorf Riot is a sprite intensive map that renders a lot of tenacious objects (tons of chicken feathers that stick around for the whole game). I never anticipated more than 64 dwarves throwing chickens at once, so I let the object count rise because the mess left by the explosions is hilarious.