To Kill a Mockingbird

by King Friday of Terra Incognita

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Classic Myth II netmap making at it's best! Destined to become a classic, To Kill a Mockingbird is a huge map set in a lush, agrarian river valley, dotted with groves of pine trees and broad chestnuts. A breathtakingly beautiful color map encompasses a variety of terrain styles, from forest groves to huge, open green fields, to tight and dangerous rocky passes, cut through by a looping oxbow river bend.

An abandoned castle complete with ramparts dominates the northern half of the map, while in the south a sedate walled village becomes a mazy deathtrap as sheep graze peacefully in nearby meadows. Strategic and tactical possibilities abound and gameplay takes on an epic quality as massive armies battle from one terrain type to another across this enormous map.

Five meshes encompass two- and six-start Light and Dark variations, with an added special developer's mesh designed to give a glimpse into the creative process of map making.

A riotously fun game variant called "Siege!" is explained in the included "Read-me" file, which also covers how the different difficulty levels change the parameters of the castle's accessibility for balanced versus unbalanced game play variations.