Superiority [SL] 1.0 [beta]


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After a failed experiment with Builder-Lord, I got the idea ... There are many games in which the path to victory - is speed.

Crystals, wood, food ... in fact it was not very comfortable and took about an hour for it to create a small squad and destroy another player. "Superiority [SL]" - this plugin removes the frame between the "crafting" and the challenge puts typing speed units. Mainly turns the battlefield into a bloody mess ... for supremacy ...

BETA Version 1.0

Superiority [SL]

  • Five levels solo (Willow Creek, Salvation, Down a broken path, Into the breach, the Baron)

  • Five multiplayer levels (demise on the plains, desert between your ears, gyre, mountain forts, venice)

  • Currently not working Hero & Special.