SF2: UrbanAssault:RescueParty_b1 [beta]

by ozone of Project Magma

A lot of you may have already played this long ago but Id thought Id upload a version that works with the latest myth version 1.8.

No Tagset needed for this beta..


Rescue the PoW. Taunt near them in the holding area and they will be given to the captain of the team to control. Once under the captains control lead them to the starting point where they can pick up a weapon and use T to convert to that unit.


-- If you want the Huey(chopper) find the pilot. Taunt near houses and he will come out. He is never in the same house. Once out lead him to the chopper. If the pilot dies before he gets to chopper - you don't get a chopper.

-- Find and Kill the 4 VC Generals on the map.

-- FInd and Rescue the Captain unit you see getting taken away during the opening scene.

-- Taunt near Tanks in enemy base to take control of them.