Return of the Spider-Cultists

by Murgen

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Eons ago the god Wyrd created the world and all life on it. However, the jealous god Nyx sought to take what Wyrd had made, and terrible fighting ensued between the followers of the two gods. For a time it seemed as though Nyx the Spider God would surely win, but finally the great Emperor and hero Connacht was able to banish Nyx and all her followers from the world forever.

The only consolation to Nyx was that shortly therafter she was able to poison Connacht's heart and turn him to the Dark, destroying Muirthemne in the process. After the death of Soulblighter and the refounding of Muirthemne under Alric, the spider-cultists and their god Nyx are but a distant memory. But it is written on the final page of the Total Codex that as Wyrd was responsible for creating the world, so his arch-nemisis Nyx would be responsible for destroying it...

The "Return of the Spider-Cultists" plugin (returnOTSC) features all-new units, semi-new units, and edited units. It also features advanced scripting, and some new sounds.

This plugin is not typical in its gameplay... Players participate in archery contests, solve ancient riddles, interact with local townsfolk, visit haunted manors and more.

When I went about designing this scenario, I wanted to make it set apart from all the other solo levels out there. I wanted to have the scenario set in the world of Myth because there is so much of it that is still unexplored and interesting. However, the Fallen Lords had become boring opponents. You beat them in Myth 1, you beat them in Myth 2, you beat up legions of thrall in Chimera. There is not a single thrall, soulless, myrmidon, or wight in "Return of the Spider-cultists." Each level has a twist to it, which can be as simple as getting unexpected ghostly reinforcements to destroying magical pillars to get past lightning monoliths.

In any case, making this scenario was a blast and I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it.