Myth II: Dark Campaign

by Murgen

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This is my biggest Myth map endeavor yet, but I am no newbie at the map making game (My other maps being "I'll Dance on Your Landfill" , "All Roads Lead to Muirthemne", "Dwarven Football Field", "Football Field", and "Shygaard"). If you've never heard of those maps, I'm not surprised since I've never distributed them outside my order. :)

There are 10 new solo levels, complete with scripting (11 actually, if you count the Prologue). There's an all new unit (the female peasant), some semi-new units, and tons of edited units. There's some new scenery, some new sounds, new pregames, and new postgames. Since the storyline is from the Dark perspective, you will have to opportunity to use many units that were not available to you in Bungie's solo campaign (Ever wonder how fast Shiver could decimate an army?). There is lots, lots more that I don't have space to mention. Check it out, you might like it.

I decided to make this campaign after whupping Soulblighter for like the twentieth time and realizing, "If I was commanding those myrkridia, that wuss Alric would be pushing up daisies, dammit!"

Some things to take note of while playing the Dark campaign:
- It is a Dark campaign, so most of the units you will be using are from the Dark, not the Light. - Obviously, it also has a storyline from the Dark perspective.
- There are TONS of edited and semi-new units that weren't in bungie's solo levels-learning how to master them is imperitive to winning.
- Like bungie's campaign, there are mission objectives, like having to protect a certain unit, or kill a certain unit. If you've turned off your mission objective box after having memorized all of the objectives in bungie's levels, you may want to turn it back on.
- Also with the mission objectives is a unique hint list for every level, just like bungie had for theirs.
- The difficulty levels are still in effect. An easier difficulty level will have less enemies and their AI won't be as sharp. Also if you play on an easier difficulty level some enemies won't use special attacks (like flaming arrows), certain ambushes just won't happen, enemy health will be lower, enemies will miss more, etc. I recommend playing on at least normal difficulty for the maximum fun factor. The campaign is beatable on legendary (no, really, I'm serious).
- There are 10 levels plus a secret level.
- There are new pregames, postgames, sounds, and scenery of course. The narration music used is the main menu music from myth 2. I would've like to do vocals of the narrations, but sound files like that are HUGE and I figure this campaign is already bloated enough as it is :)