Myth RPG 2.0 b4.6 [beta]

by Jon God

Hey, Jon God here! One of my favorite 'just for fun' project, which never made it out of beta.

I made this plugin over the course of a few years, first map being Myth RPG, which was my first attempt at it. Souly later donated to me a new colormap, and I started on Myth RPG 2.0, which was the much more fully featured solo/coop map.

While Myth RPG 1 still in this plugin, it's mostly there for historical purposes.

This is unbalanced, and unfinished, but I hope people can have fun with it!

I hate to say it, but the map is filled with third party assets, and I didn't list them all back then. So thank you to all whose tags remain inside this. Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks to all the testers!