Magma TFL Multipack

by Project Magma

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This is an update from the original TFL Multipack by ChrisP and ProjectMagma, located here: Myth TFL Multiplayer Mappack.

This update fixes the infamous extra trow for For Carnage Apply Within Dark 8 start.

It also adds alternate meshes for Mudpit Massacre Dark and Mudpit Massacre Dark 8 start. These meshes move some of the objectives so that a soulless can't forever contest flags leading to a stalemate.

Lastly it fixes the stuck berserk on Death in the Dire Marsh.

In addition, I have included the nearly lost to time meshes from a plugin called "-MMM Final" which was a projectile focused Mudpit Massacre plugin, by Jungle Pickle.

Original Description:

With version 1.4 of Myth II slated to include a truly accurate TFL style gameplay option, the next obvious step was to create a truly comprehensive and faithful port of all the Myth TFL netmaps.

All fourteen original Myth TFL Bungie netmaps, as well as many of the most popular 3rd party TFL maps and variants, have been painstakingly ported to Myth II with incredible attention to detail.

In total, there are eleven colormaps and 47 meshes, all of which are playable in either TFL or Myth II style.

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