Lich King [beta]

by hmp

An ancient evil has arisen from the grave and is raising an army of undead minions. You and anyone else brave enough, must fight through an ever increasing army shrouded in black smoke and even darker magic. But beware - not only must you fight the powerful Lich King and his minions, your so-called allies may prove to be quite treacherous.

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Lich King BETA 9 is a new kind of ffa/coop hybrid - Requires ffaleaguev5 to work - Playable solo or with up to 12 players - Currently 2 maps with several meshes each (third map completed but waiting on new version of ffa league map pack) - Choose to fight against other players, scripted ai enemies, or both - Play classic ffa gametypes or play special scripted gametypes (hunting and custom) where each player has a random individual objective to complete for points - Variable difficulty: scales with number of players and difficulty level - Works well with allies, deathmatch, and/or veterans on - Special Yoshitsune hero meshes: control a single unit that can switch between several weapons

Beta notes: - May be some bugs present, please let me know - Trespass meshes will not load currently - Need feedback on balance/difficulty/unit sets - Not all artifact abilities implemented yet