Hills Trodden Black

by remedial.

Hills Trodden Black, and its dark version Paths Trodden Black, are 4-team ffa's set in a swampy, marsh-like area. The map has a mud-filled, meandering river flowing around its center and many grassy hills which are ideal for use as fortresses from which arrows and grenades can soften the enemy. At the center of the map is a hill which countless beasts and creatures have made their final resting place.

Hills Trodden Black is my first map set that I started with real ambition and decided to release, I hope you enjoy it. Just pop it in your plugins folder and start playing! Here is some more information about the maps:

Unit Selections

Hills Trodden Black:(8/12) Thrall(6/8) Warriors(3/7) Spiders(2/3) Dwarves(4/6) fir'Bolg(1/2) Journeymen(2/4) Wights

Assassin Target- 1 Maul

Hunting- Hawks, Squirrels and Deer.

Paths Trodden Black:(10/20) Ghasts(8/12) Brigands(1/2) Fetch(2/6) Ghols(4/6) Soulless(1/1) Heron Guard Hero(2/4) Wights

Assassin Target- 3 Pigs

Hunting- Hawks, Squirrels and Deer.