Primordial Soup

by remedial.

Hi, here's a new map of mine. Check it out. Enjoy.

Somewhere beyond the horizons of the Untamed Lands lie the spawning pools of Time's awakening. Many of Wyrd's creations have crawled forth from these steaming marshes only to colonize or migrate to more hospitable regions. Left now are only the mighty drakes and their smaller, skittering brethren.

This plugin contains three map variants

Primordial Soup: A Slower, deader unit selection.

Assassin Target: Cannon

Primordial Stew: A much heavier concoction with a unit selection much like the Proving Grounds.

Assassin Target: Archer Hero

Primitive Soup: bre' Unor madness!

Assassin Target: Deer and "Undercover" Explosive Deer

I owe many thanks to other authors from the present and past Myth communities- please check the readme file for a complete list of credits.