Grim Dawning

by remedial.

Grim Dawning is a 4-start FFA located in a dry grassland environment. The landscape is covered with sloping hills and sinking channels of scorched soil and grass.

There are two meshes of light and dark unit selections.

GAME TYPES: Body Count LMOTH KOTH Steal the Bacon CTF Balls on Parade Territories Flag Rally Hunting Stampede Assasin

UNITS (Light) 12/16 Thrall 1 Wight 1/2 Heron Guard Heroes 4/6 Bowmen 4/8 Warriors 4/8 Stygian Knights 2/3 Dwarves 4/6 Ghols Assasin Target: 3 Fleeing Peasants Hunting: Pigs Stampede: 16 Chickens

UNITS (Dark) 8/12 Myrmidons 6/10 Berserks 4/6 Myrkridia 1 Trow 3/5 Mortar Dwarves 0/2 Warlocks Assasin Target: 1 Myrkridian Giant Hunting: Pigs Stampede: 12 Thrall