Deadfall v1

by Jon God

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Deadfall Released! (10/19/2009)

After months of development by Jon God, with help from Zeph, Deadfall, an extensive modification to Quarantine is finally finished. Deadfall is a Zombie based cooperative survival plugin for Myth II. Playable with up to 15 players, Deadfall pits you against nearly 400 AI controlled zombies.

Without variety, what is a plugin? Deadfall is playable across 15 maps, with 6 unique gametypes and team/ffa variants.

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To add another layer to the gameplay, Deadfall is class based, and every round you can choose a class to suit your playing style, be it Rockets, or Medic, there are 8 classes to choose from, each unique with their own pros and cons.

If a player dies when fighting against zombies, he returns from the grave to kill his former team mates to score extra points, and keep them from getting any more points.

Levels range from urban sprawls to snowbound bases, and everything in between, get ready to fight on some of the most varied maps in a plugin yet. You'll find yourself fighting in quarries, deserts, small cities, harbors, and more on a host of Strangelet maps!

Gametype wise, expect some interesting twists, with the normal zombie slaying infection, along with other gametypes including a FPS style deathmatch gametype, with multiple spawn points, and FPS style capture the flag.

Touching on classes, there are some of the more obligatory classes, such as the Medic, and Flamethrower classes, but along with them are more original classes, such as the Seeker, with his plasma launcher, and missiles. There is enough variety to make for some very interesting combinations of classes for co-op.

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The cherry on top of the features is the high standard of graphical quality in this plugin, with nearly all sprites much higher resolution then normal Myth II sprites, and all 15 levels completely detail textured. Deadfall will be the prettiest Myth II 1.7 plugin released to date!

After reading all this, what are you waiting for? Go download it now! (And be sure to leave a review!)

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Official Site for news an updates!

Official site link: Offical Site