by Zeph

v1.0.1 is here! after about 1 1/2 year in the making, I think it's time to release the monster. Keep in mind that this is not the last time I work on Quarantine. I still have projects for it, but unlike other mapmakers (hint) I don't want to keep this thing sitting in my Myth folder for another year :)

For those who downloaded 1.0.0, I'm sorry, I added a last minute map after a bunch of people requested it!

b12 to 1.0.0 Added new map called Kew Battleground, a remake of the Heroes of Haxors arena :) Balance fixes New zombie model! It's been a long time so I don't really remember all changes :)

Rhynth City and Oratorio map made by Strangelet Marine unit made by Strangelet Zombie made by Zeph Thanks to all the testers! Especially the Onyx Warlords, Project Magma, uDogs' Hotline lurkers, Ska, Shaister, Cu roi, GeneralX2

b12 to b13 Medics, Tekks and Seekers are ammo based units Derelict coop : Game would end when half units were dead. RhynthCity survival : Some units would not respawn and simply die. Breaker runs much faster -> 0.057 to 0.065 Grenades timer random between 3 to 2 seconds Tekk special from 3 to 2-2.5seconds Seeker gun special is fired in a burst instead of like a shotgun

These are the fixes from b11 to b12

Crossroads now has a overhead map! Particle beam is a little smaller There is a 2 seconds chargeup on the particle beam where you can stop reckon from shooting Nades delay went from 3.5s to 3s Striker can arc his shots right side using T instead of the not so useful special he had. Rhynthcity infection mode can now be played with 14 players and there are more zombies! Some terrain bug fix Medics can heal self, but only to 60% of their total health It should be a little easier to shoot up walls Medics can still go invisible, but you shouldn't lose them anymore if you don't preset Tekks special will kill with 3 dead on hits instead of 2. First two greatly damage the target Breaker runs faster than anyone and has wider damage Quarantine map has a 2 team version Betrayed has more gametypes and CTF is fixed Oratorio multiplayer now has flags. All attacks are now mana based, every attack takes 75 mana and recharges as fast as warlocks Assassin has been added to most maps. There is a new urban map! Projectile size has been reduced(no more potato guns) Reckons don't vet insanely Tekk special has a 3 seconds delay instead of 2 Derelict coop can now be played with 14 players and there are more zombies