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by Gastropod

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Crazy Al is a plugin that modifies just about every unit in the game, changes most of the text, and a few sounds here and there. This plugin was designed for making co-op play more entertaining, but can make interesting multi games as well. All levels should still be winnable, some are now a little easier, some a little harder, but all should be amusing. Here is a run down of unit changes you will want to know about.


Crazy Al: The deceiver is replaced with an old cranky Alric who has lost his marbles. Crazy AL is like the traditional Alric, with some different sounds. He is no longer really really crazy, which some people didn't like.

Rurik: Alric has been replaced with Rurik. Rurik can't melee at all and will die fast against myrks. However, he is immune to lightning and resistant to souless attacks. Rurik tosses stolen veggies. On 'Gate of Storms' he has a holding attack at closer ranges. On 'Twice Born', rurik can place an eblis fire which you should lure baddies over.

Duffs: The duffs are borrowed from Zyro the Dark Elf's 'Zys Trio Plugin Pack'(with permission). Also known as 'bouncy duffs'. At first, people find them tricky to use. The key with these units is to control-click on the ground near the bad guys, instead of clicking on them. Clicking on them will cause the bouncy shot to bounce back on you. The duff special ability is to place dud bottles. Duffs are very accident prone, which is partially why they are entertaining, so please don't get angry at your teammate.

Archers: The archers are now animal abusers. They toss paralyzing frogs which do no damage. The special is a flaming sparrow which requires full mana to use. At first they seem useless, but you can do tricks like paralyze a fetch, then flame it, which will kill it pretty quick since it can't escape.

Warriors: These guys do the usual melee, and toss a puppy as their special. The 'Gonens Bridge' warriors don't have puppies, but can block souless arrows with 't'.

Zerks: They have the usual melee attack. They can drop a chicken. The chicken will just jump around the map aimlessly, however every once an a while the chicken will drop a mortor dud. The zerks can pick up and drop just about anything. There are certain items that give the zerks special abilities:

  • A full fetch skin - reduces electical damage
  • A full duff body - reduces explosive damage
  • A green squirrel - the zerk can't be paralyzed
  • A full wolf body - immune to flame damage
  • A satchel charge - placing it makes the charge shrink. When it disappears it becomes an armed mine. If a unit steps on it... boom.

Trow: They do area damage now when they kick. So on 'friends like these' they can kill all your zerks in one kick. However, Trow can be paralyzed, so your zerks can kill them without a Trow ever getting a hit in. Trow also take a lot of damage from fetch, so on 'walls of muirthemne', it is a good idea to let the mortar duffs take care of them. Trow can also he healed up to 80%.

JourneyMan: This guy is now a heal digger. He has no attack and only starts with 2 heals. Howver, he can dig for more heals by control clicking on the ground. He will continue to dig until he finds one.

Heron Guard: The special is changed to a group hug(area heal).

Mortar Duffs: These guys have a weak paralyzing attack. They carry one mega huge satchel. The mega satchel when blown up sends many explosives all over the map. Warning: There is a known bug that if you set off more than 5 or 6 mega satchels too many projectiles will be created and can crash Myth. This plugin was designed for co-op play not multi. In co-op you'll never see more than 4 at once. Even on a multi game it is unlikely to happen... just don't do "If I had a Trow" and place 18 satchels is all I am asking.

Flying Pigs: The warlock is replaced with a pig. The pig regular attack is a guided multi-projectile attack similar to shiver's whisper dream. The pig special is a mahir in a bottle. Anyone who walks on the mahir is toast. The flying pigs are the key to beating 'The Wall' since the arcs can't do damage to wights anymore. The pigs will have to place mahir down below to stop all wights from hitting the dam. A pig has 0 visibllity, meaning that if you don't have a regular unit near them they will disappear off the map.

Stygian Knights: These are much more powerful, they have muti-lightnig strikes and are more resistant to explosive damage.

Blind Squirrels: The spiders are now squirrels. They 0 visibility, meaning that if you don't have a regular unit near them they will disappear off the map. However, they don't show up on the over head map and are small, making them deadly assassins.

Wolves: These have a 1 time only attack where they set the ground around them on fire... usually killing themselves in the process. It they live through that, then they are harmless.

Bre-Unor: They have a 1 time only ranges attack where they toss a giant paralyzing frog. Their main attack is melee.

Poachers: Poachers fire real fast and have 4 grenade rounds on the 'Long Awaited Drinking Party' level. They fight against dirty old men who attack with exploding glow sticks. Poachers have been known to show up on other levels though... so becareful.

The remaining baddies are unchanged in terms of attack. However all baddies have new death effects, some go splat, poof, shrink, bleed for a long time... etc.