Bolo Co-op Mappack

by Gastropod

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This is a co-op and multi map pack. It uses the original Bungie colour maps which reduces the download size considerably. However, there is lots of new scripting which makes the levels unique and interesting. The readme will deal mostly with the main map "Bolo: Capture the Flag". A lot of these maps are kind of complicated and have a bit of a learning curve. I tend to like new ideas in maps, but sometimes new ideas require complicated scripting.

This mappack is pretty old, but I recently caught some people playing it. So I though I'd upload it to the tain for easy access.

Bolo: The Stair of Mines

This map involves zerks using mines to ambush the horde of mauls and thrall. There are a number of easter eggs on this map. Units of interest are: - Zerks: Pick up a satchel charge. Place the satchel change and in a moment it will be a become a mine (be careful, they turn invisible!) Place chickens so that they will lay mort eggs. Combine the mort eggs with a mine and you can take out large amounts of baddies in big booms. - Healing J'man: Down in the middle of the map near the frozen river is a j'man who will heal the zerks if they are injured. Stand beside the j'man to be healed. - Resurrecting J'man: Way down in the south of the map is a j'man who will bring back the dead zerks. Tossing a zerk body into flower bed will cause him to resurrect that dead zerk. It must be a whole body, he can't resurrect a zerk when you merely give him a leg. Try not to abuse this j'man too much, he gets tired easily and may make mistakes. - Bottle J'man: Far away on the frozen lake is the last j'man. If you go near him he may give you a dorf bottle to toss at baddies. Don't let this j'man die or you will lose the game!

Bolo: Shadow of the Library

This is the library with more of a hill and duffs similar to those in Myth: The Fallen Lords. You are attacked by a lot of duffs too... so lots of explosions. Even though this map was the easiest to script it is probably my favorite. Units of interest are, - Zerks: Pick up a satchel charge. Place the satchel change and in a moment it will be a become a mine (be careful they turn invisible!) zerk holding a full fetch skin has reduced electrical damage. - J'man: The healer starts with no heals, but you may be able to find a few around (there are 6 of them). - Dorfs: They are much more prone to duds or slow burners. Zerks can use the slow burners. A duff could place a satchel charge in strategic places to get a fetch to "pop" itself. Control click on the ground, your bottle will bounce and have a farther reach than you'd think.

Bolo: Balls on Parade

This is the Gonen's Bridge with Garrick taken away and a netgame ball in his place. You must get the netgame ball across the bridge. If the enemy captures the ball for too long you lose. Units of interest are, - Duffs: There are 2 TFL style duffs instead of one m2 duff. However, the dorfs don't place satchels they place mines. - Teleporting Villagers: The villagers can boot projectiles around with 'T'. The villagers can also teleport to the ball's location by taunting. So if the ball gets stuck either a duff or villager can get it unstuck , people unfortunately seem to be amused by the teleporting so they continually teleport and makes it hard for the team to actually get the ball anywhere. - Ninja Troman: Once he is a vet the Troman can do some serious damage. This particular troman can heal. If you are in a jam, there are some satchel piles around. you can attempt to boot the ball into the goal.

Bolo: The Rurik Dance

Escort Rurik to Tallow. The twist is only your villagers can die. This level is more about finding safe places to hide while the battle rages than killing things. At least one of your four villagers must make it to the town. The units of interest are, - Duffs: There are also 2 invincible TFL uncontrollable duffs that protect Rurik (but ignore you). The duffs care so little about your lives that they will toss bottles into your back if you are fighting the enemy. Don't trust them. - Rurik: Don't worry about rurik. No one else does. He won't die because life isn't always fair. - Villagers: The villagers can deflect projectiles, which includes friendly fire duff bombs. Getting in too many fights with your villagers is a bad idea.


Rurik is the CEO of WorldCom. Rurik created 7 billion dollars worth of debt. The dark have lost their life savings in WorldCom and want revenge. You must protect Rurik while he hides his ill-gotten fortunes. If you retreat into the fort too early the enemy hordes come at double the rate. Zerks can help rurik collect hs money to speed up the time required There are three paths off the beach, not all the paths have the same amount of enemy coming up them. Units of interest are, - Duff Mort Hero: He had 8 mort duds that should be used on the bigger waves. - Duff Hero: They fight farther and faster than reg duffs. - Zappity Zapper: Much shorter range than the other heroes and slower too. However, he can confoozel the enemy. - Flamey Dorf: Short range but very powerful flamethrower. The flamer effects are made by Zyro from Muirthemne Militia. - Zerks and Tromen are the melee to clean up what gets past the dorfs.

Bolo: Myth Pinball

This is a small map on the tutorial level. There are "bumpers" on the map that will continually bounce projectiles. Use these bumpers for crazy carpet bombing, the enemy will do the same. The bumpers will also blow up satchels so so be careful to kill a duff right beside one. This map is one of the craziest in the pack. In fact, it is so crazy that it may randomly crash. It's seen some strange things, such as a house upside down on a funny angle, or a zerk with an ammo count of -1. Units of interest: - Rurik: He is next to useless (such is the nature of a Rurik). So much so that the enemy will ignore him. - Dorfs: These are your best hope to take out the Maul waves. - Zerks: These can pick up and move the bumpers.

Bolo: Where in the World is Alric?

This is a map based on a combination of Savanarola and Kerewin ideas. Sav wanted a map where you had to find Alric before he died from combat. All enemies on the map will attack once you find AL. AL is scared and alone... so sometimes he may not recognize you as a friend right away. - Alric: Converting AL to your team is not going to be easy. when he first see's you he may try to "pop" you. He will continue to fight you unless you have a unit beside him AND he is low on health. When he is on your team, use his pops on the larger hordes of Soulless. - Zerks: There is a bumper on this level that the zerks can use. If time is low you may want to send out the zerks ahead of the others to locate AL before he dies. - Rurik: Who invited that guy? Lets blow him up. - Dorfs and arcs make up the rest.

Bolo: WW2 Night Raid

This a ww2 co-op where you must find three stolen documents and throw them in a fire. The fire is located in the center of the map. The soldier units aren't quite standard ww2 as they have limited ammo. T tosses the ammo. Bolo: Our Fearless Leader

Somehow Rurik has been given command of your group.... and he sure is a tactical genius. Units of interest: - Zerks: There is one big zerk and one little zerk. They fight well as a team. They can't toss stuff like the regular zerks can. - Rurik: Rurik plants flowers. Rurik isn't a very good gardener though, because then they become full grown the blow up. - Dorfs and arcs make up the rest.

Bolo: Don't Eat Yellow Snow

Rurik got SARS on one of his adventures (possibly from Shadow from Toronto). Now the dark want to chop up Rurik into super-SARS-puss-packets. If the dark do this we are all doomed. Rurik is being protected by a group of zerks. Your team of ww2 folk have come to protect Rurik as well. The thing is zerks don't like the ww2 guys very much. You have a choice. You can kill the zerks and protect Rurik on your own. Or you can leave Rurik to the zerks and head out and ambush the enemy before they reach the zerks. There are multiple work knots on this map that take you to the four ambush points. Units of interest are, - Engineer: These operate the cannons. arm the cannon by picking up the ammo beside the cannon. Once the cannon fires, re-arm it. A cannon can only hold at most one shot at a time. - Soldiers: These are the standard RPG, grenadiers, shotgun and medic units.

Bolo: Poopy RPG Demo

What the heck is this map? It is basically a demo of how Myth can be sort of converted into an RPG, where you build up your character, gain levels, get weapons etc. Money is the yellow glow orbs. Pick up money from enemy that you've killed. Use that money to purchase things/services from the journeymen in the tents. Each Tent does a different service. To use their service you stand in the flower bed square and place the money. The journeyman will pickup yhe gold and perform a service, and they are... Heal for 1 gold. Stand in the flower bed and he will heal you(if you are injured). Ressurect a dead unit for 2 gold. After payment place the dead body in the square. You will get a new unit. Upgrade to a Tro Fu Warrior for 5 gold. Stand in the Troman's square so he knows who to raise a level. A level 1 Tro can become a Level 2 Tro. Upgrade to a Duff for 5 gold. Stand in the Duff's square so he knows who to raise a level. A level 1 Dorf can become a Level 2 Dorf. Upgrade to a Healer for 5 gold. Stand in the Journeyman's square so he knows who to up a level. A level 1 jman can become a Level 2 jman. Talk to the leader, he will give you a crow. The crow will attack your enemies when you taunt. The last tent is for side missions, you can get good items this way. There isn't much of a story here, this is more of a demo. There are some items of interest out there. One that reduces melee damage(but increases explosive) and one that reduces explosive damage. Keep in mind that you can only hold one item at a time(other than money). The Jmen have a task for you to kill a powerful enemy of theirs.You will need to attack some roaming enemies to find a key to get to the final boss. The line of ghasts protecting the ship cannot be defeated without the key. When you reach the final boss you have a decision to make, kill him or team up against the jmen. In order to avoid accidents the jmen are ambient, this means the only way to attack a jman is to option-shift click on him. Units of interest are,

  • Basic Undead: Each player is given one of these. They are slow and weak. You will want to upgrade them as soon as possible.
  • Tro Fu (level 1): The Tro Fu Warrior is faster, but still quite weak, especially if he is not a vet.
  • Tro Fu (level 2): This is the most powerful unit you can get. However, it won't be easy to get to level 2. The trainer will test you. If you are not a vet you will be doomed to fail the trial.
  • Dorf Ghost (level 1): Slow and weak, but great for clearing out thrall.
  • Dorf Ghost (level 2): Faster and stronger with almost no duds. He has the special ability to place satchel charges.
  • J'man Ghost (level 1): The level 1 J'man can heal.
  • J'man Ghost (level 2): The level 2 J'man can cast confusion. This spell is incredibly valuable on the difficult enemies. Note that when you level up control of the new unit goes back to the co-op captain, who will need to detach it again.

Bolo: Booty Ball Race

There are a couple multiplayer maps included as well. Other than the Capture the Flag map we have to booty ball race. In the booty ball race you need to get your ball(and not someone elses ball) to one of the flags on the other end of the map. the best way to do this is to "boot" your ball using the satchel piles, and then teleport to your ball. You teleport using the taunt('u'). you can ignite satches using the special ('t'). May the best ball booter win.

BOLO: Capture the Flag

This map is the main reason this map pack exists. Myth Bolo is a fairly complicated plugin that has a steep learning curve but is a lot of fun once you know what is going on. Bolo was a great macintosh game, made by Stuart Cheshire, where little tanks compete to control ammo/health bases and cannons. This map is an attempt to bring that style of play to myth. This has both a co-op and a multi mesh (possibly the only map specifically designed for deathmatch).


  • Duffs - Most important unit in the game. These are the equivalent of the little tank in bolo. Duffs are the only ones who can capture bases.
  • Little Builders - These are almost useless units that follow their parent duff. They cannot go very far from their parent duff... he gets scared and runs back to him. They cannot attack, they can't take any damage. However, they can build paralyzing bush barriers. They pick up regular bushes and can place a paralyzing bush. The para-bushes are useful for defense. For example, you can block the entrance to your base with the bushes. A bush takes 3 duff bottles to destroy.
  • Ammo supplier (Baron) - Taunt (u) near the baron and he will give you some ammo. He only gives ammo if he is at full manna. The baron cannot be killed or moved.
  • Heal supplier (JourneyMan) - Taunt (u) near the jman and he will heal. He only heals if he is at full . The manna j'man cannot be killed or moved.
  • Cannon - These will shoot at any enemy that is in sight. These cannot be killed or moved.
  • Poacher - These are used to defend the main base. Be careful though, they disappear overtime.
  • Troman - These are smaller, weaker versions of their Tro parents. They become vets very quickly. They are slow and can only melee.
  • Deer - This is the assassin target in the multi map.


Your duff starts with no ammo. You must find a ammo supplier, taunt at him, and collect one of the weapons he give. There are 4 weapon types in Myth Bolo

  • Bottle - This is the standard duff bottle attack. You get 10 uses.
  • Dagger - The duff will shoot long range daggers. It takes about 6 daggers to kill a duff. You get about 35 daggers.
  • Mines (Satchels) - Pressing 'T' will make the duff drop a mine. It takes about 10 seconds to arm itself. You get 6 mines.
  • Sword - The sword is only available in the assault multi game type (bop). The sword is merely a melee attack.


Littered about the map are little mini-flags. Most are located at the top of all the hills on the map. Taking a mini base will give your team cannons, ammo suppliers, healers, and possibly a reinforcement duff. There are 4 reinforcement duffs available or each team. They are obtained by capturing a hill in one of the 4 corners of the map. This makes the corners a little more strategic than some of the other hills


The co-op map included plays out like the CTF version of the multi... except it is your team vs the computer. The computer gets all sorts of advantages to make it challenging. They get respawns like deathmatch, you don't. they don't have to get ammo, you do. There are 3 variants of CTF co-op

  • Classic: this is with duffs and the weapons described above.
  • WW2: The weapons should be self explanatory. But note that the soldiers start off with no ammo and "t" tosses your ammo. The ww2 units are made by Santa's Head.
  • Swamp: This is a slight variation on the bolo maps where you must damage the cannons in order for them to convert to your team. In the other maps you just have to go the the flag.


There are 4 game types available.... some of which are non standard.

  • Capture the Flag - This is the standard CTF like in all myth maps.
  • Assault (Balls on Parade) - One team attacks, one team defends. If the defenders still control their flag at the end of the time limit they win.
  • Stampede - An uncontrollable troman will try to make his way to their flag. You will need to make sure he gets there. The troman takes different routes to their flag.
  • Assassin - Kill your opponent's deer and you win. The deer in uncontrollable, it meanders about in your base. Return the Ball (Captures) - Your troman must go to their base, pick up a beachball and return it to your base. This is sort of a like a true CTF.