Bustle In Your Hedge-row

by Electrofryer

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Search down your opponents in this green hedge maze of solid wackyness. If you're lucky you mightjust run into a pack of Lich Mages! The maze is surrounded by a beautiful park with fountains and niftydwarven statues.

Mesh variants:

Light - Warriors, Stygian Knights, Thrall, Archers, Dwarves, Journeymen, Ghôls, Wights.
Dark - Myrkridia, Berzerks, Heron Guards, Warriors, Lich Mages, Dwarves, Wights.
Slugfest - Thrall, Dwarves, Wight (try this one on stampede!).
Wacky - Dwarven Pathfinders, Dwarven Mortars, Warlocks.

Lich Mage info:

The Lich Mage is a modified version of Bungie's summoner, new graphics and attacks. He works sort of like an archerby casting a shrapmetal spell. If you move close to an enemy unit and press the special ability key, he will turn that unit to stone, however this requires full mana and you're only able to cast the spell once per lich mage. To remove stoned condition just use healing.