Jungles of the Ermine

by Electrofryer

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Welcome to the Jungles of the Ermine!

"A fresh breeze blows onto your face as you make your way out of the green trees of the jungle to ariver crossing the ermine. You hear something in the bushes further behind you, the rain slowlystarts pouring from the fresh blue skies as you hide behind some rocks preparing to ambush whateveris coming for you..."

This map has been under work for a month now and I was planning to have a new unit ready for it. But I considered it not to be suitable for this enviroment. Look out for my next map though :). I made somenew textures for a farmhouse to make it look like jungle huts. Ah well see for yourself.

The map is a bit maze-like and it's really nice to sneak your wights amongst the mountains. Ghôls are a very good flanking method on this one and the archers are very weak inside the jungles but once you get to the open riverarea, ah well you get the idea. I had a blast making and testing it as always.