Bungie Map Textures

by Project Magma

NOTE: This item has been superseded by our new detail texture megapack! Check it out today!

Taking full advantage of the new detail texturing system available in Myth II 1.7, Project Magma is proud to present Bungie Map Textures for Myth II: Soulblighter.

Bungie Map Textures is an optional add-on plugin featuring detail textures for all the original Myth II solo and multiplayer maps.

Experience your favorite levels as never before, in stunning high-fidelity high-resolution 24 bit glory!

To install the texture pack, simply place the unzipped "Magma - Bungie Map Textures v1" file into your plugins folder, and activate "Landscape Textures" under Myth II's preferences.

Note: Detail textures are only supported under OpenGL.