Balor [beta]

by krofter

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A thousand years later, the Dark returns to the land of Myth, now in the form of the Fallen Lords, led by Connacht, who assumed the mantle of the Leveller under the name of Balor. Coming from the unknown lands of the east, he and the other Fallen: Soulblighter, Shiver, Watcher and Deceiver, commanding an army of undead creatures and dimensional, ravaged the lands of the east, including the Empire itself Cath Bruig, he once ruled, and, crossing the Cloudspines, began to threaten the lands of the Province (a kind of Western version of the Empire Cath Bruig). Balor invaded the Seven Gates in the fifth year of the Great War, where he had to deal with the Giants of the Forest. In the 17th year of the war at the beginning of Myth: The Fallen Lords, he captured and interrogated Alric, King of the Province and leader of the Nine, and it was through him that the Avatar learned about the symbiotic connection between the leveler and the Other Fallen Lords. Balor was killed during the Last Battle, in Rhi'Anon, their strength: while Alric Balor kept paralyzed with Eblis Stones, the survivors of the Legion decapitated. Balor's head is thrown into the Great Devoid.

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