the watcher [beta]

by krofter

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One of the Fallen

The story of the watcher

"Bahl'al The Watcher - the most powerful enchanter who has walked ties lands of Myth, Bahl'al lives since before the Age of Reason. It is said that he obtained his mastery over the undead exploring the temples Trow wrecked in Depth - without breathing for days, and Bahl'al known to appear and spread chaos with his powers, only to disappear during the following centuries. Only a few centuries ago, killed his former enemy Bahl'al Mazzarino literally under a sea of your undead thralls. BahTal is consumed by the dream of transforming the world into a place where only the dead wander. Although crazy, and he still pretty clever and competent in necromancy and powers of the Dream. Indeed, it is believed that even Mazzarino could stop him, he may not have worthy opponent. He has a particularly strong hatred for the young Avatar Myrdred. Future Bahl'al (aka The Warden) will join the Fallen Lords, where you have several confrontations with his new enemy, Myrdred (The Deceiver)."

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