A Broken Arrow Tournament Edition 2010

by hmp

A Broken Arrow modified for MWC 2010 by HMP and Limp -Changes to units on light and dark -added a shadow mesh -changes to flags

Original Version by Elijah

"...In the lands between the dreadful lands of the Gjol and the Cloudspine, there is a lush valley with spectacular rivers and beautiful scenery. Our armies have entered such a valley..." Broken Arrow was designed to achieve three things: To have an awesome colormap. To have one of the best multiplayer designs ever created. To be FUN. Although you may disagree, I believe we have achieved all three of those aspirations with this map, please download it to find out for yourself :-) Includes two 2 team meshes, three 6 team meshes.Every mesh has every gametype availible.For specific unitsets please read the included Read Me...Enjoy! - Elijah