The Journey Continues


To play what I originally wanted to accomplish with this map back in 2000, check out TJC's Big Brother, the

Valley of Despair.



A single player map that is, "tough enough to make you wish you had a partner, but fun enough to keep you coming back for more." A little background::After nearly six months of learning in the school of hard knocks by way of trial and error, and a small bit of black magic* for good affect, this challenging solo map has been unleashed upon the world for your playing enjoyment.

This map was an experiment in map making gone seriously overboard. I have managed to overload Loathing on numerous occasions, and have spent the past few months working ferverishly with new friends, burning the midnight oil (literally), to get this "experiment", completed and running as intended. We failed. It is now running and Better than intended. Sure, it has its flaws, but then, what map doesn't? (Oh, OK there is that one ;o) However, I feel you will have an easy time overlooking these small flaws once the battle is joined. Just a taste of what awaits you:

  • A HUGE Mesh to play on. 2304 X 1536
    (Elevation varies from "IN YOUR FACE" action to "zoom in all the way and comfortably watch your men slaughter or be slaughtered" ;o)
  • Well stocked with your favorite, and some, not so favorite monsters.
    (You get 26. They get 500 - 800. Depending on difficulty)
  • Random monster generation.
    (Who will be waiting for you next time??)
  • Random monster activations
    (No more "Past this rock, then the thrall will appear", or at least not as much)
  • Random Rain and Lightning Strikes.
    (Careful where you stand, it could have explosive consequences.)
  • Multiple river crossings and bridges.
    (Nothing's more challenging than trying to get your guys across a skinny little bridge)
  • A few "Secrets" could be involved??
    (I'm not saying. It would'nt be a secret then, would it??)
  • And much more that I think will keep you entertained and playing 'til you beat it.
    (And hopefully going back for more)
  • If I have managed to spark your interest, then by all means, download this map and begin 'your' Journey into my world of fun ;o)