Sosua Beach

by Cartographers of Myth

"...the accursed Dark swept through us like a plague..."

Monday July 16th, Sosua Beach

Thirty years after, the Wolf Age, the accursed Dark swept through us like a plague. Those that survived the onslaught would not last long - the Dark had stolen all of the supplies in the city of Muirthemne and left the inhabitants to starve. We seek food as much as revenge, and I doubt that either will taste bitter once we have them.

After days that stretched into months, after torrents of rain and the blistering heat of the noonday sun, we crossed the pass. Foraging what we could along the way, I doubt if any travelers that see us will not mistake us for Thrall. The true Thrall were not scarce on this trek either, and there seems to be more of them as we near Sosua Beach - the place of the Dark encampment.

We attack at dusk. One of the dwarves left the group earlier this morning, and I assume that it will be his job to scout and weaken the enemy, then return for us to finish the job. My desire for revenge burns to brightly that I almost wish it were me instead of him.

Level Goal

  • The Dark have stolen an enormous amount of goods out of Muirthemne. Get to your troops, quickly, and save them!
  • Take the road to the village, fight off the enemies, and then find the stolen goods.
  • The Dwarf must not die before he gets back to the rest of the units.