Grab-Bag (Zak!)

by Zak's Mapmaking Team!

Not the most original idea but I decided I'd make a tagset. This grab bag method was done by ooga before me but mine is completely different!

The units are a mix of bushido, jinn, TSG, and a couple others. I modified them to be VERY close to the original monsters they are replacing. Any differences you notice are mostly going to be psychological, I assure you the stats are the same.

Thrall and soulless were replaced by living units, but will still sink and float. Warlocks will have two spells, dwarf heroes were replaced by another form of warlock. Mortar shots bounce (the projectile was replaced). Myrk giants were replaced by a unit that has a fireball for a special now. Soulless will have flame arrows now.

The best way to get an idea of what this plugin is all about, is to just download it and play a regular map with it!