Nure-Onna (Zakked)

by Zak's Mapmaking Team!

This map was made by Knight Hawk, and I have changed it slightly. I replaced some of the units.

I am introducing TWO new units (I know its a complete mindfuck for the slow to adapt)! One is a land dragon, that has a stoning breath that it can use TWICE per game. It is fairly weak in melee but can kill a decent amount. The stoning effect can be reversed with a journeyman heal, and there are 2 on each team.

The other unit is a super warlock which costs 16 points. He has a powerful melee attack but walks very slow. His intermediate attack will slow/stun enemies and cause a fair amount of damage. His special attack is a fireball that splits into multiple centipedes and spreads to nearby units.

Both of these have been carefully tweaked and balanced I hope you will find they are not overpowered.

This map was made with the intention that Grim would have more options in his MWC round picks.