Covenant Rumble v1 b3 [beta]

by Jon God

This is an upload of an old map I made for practice many years ago. Can't guarantee it's quality or anything...

----> Covenant Rumble <----

I never make color maps, so I finally told myself, 'Jon God, you should make a color map.'

I am not a color mapper, so this map might be a bit bland looking.

----> Game Modes <----

There are 2 variants of the mesh, Light and Dark. Light has a unique gametype, while dark does not.

The unique gametype for Light has both teams trying to get their Journeyman to the opposing team's World Knot. If a Journeyman makes it to the other team's World Knot, that team wins right away.

Also, if a team's Journeyman is killed, that team loses right away.

In the dark Variant, ghols spawn with pus packets, and the Assassin target is a Mahir.

----> Credits <----

Jon God - Cmap, scripting, unit tweaks, detail texture map. Bungie - For making Myth, and for The Great Library cmap, which this uses assets from. Project Magma - For keeping Myth up to date! Mariusnet - For giving Mythers a place to play.

All the testers: Fenster, LegacyTyphoon, Steel Axe, Renwood, Melekor, Graydon, Diamondex And all the people I forgot to mention!