Legacy of Myth

by Jon God of Project Magma

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The concept of this map pack was born from me, Jon God, after making 30 new maps for WWII Heroes, I wanted to try my hand at making some maps for regular Myth gameplay. After that, I sought out some inspiration when it hit me. We either get super hardcore competitive maps, or very third party content (WWII, Deadfall, Dorfball, etc.). What we were not getting were maps in the style of the stock Myth II net maps…

So here we are, with 11 new Myth II net maps. Each one a homage, but completely original, map inspired by a stock Myth II net map. The meshes will have 2 unit trades that mirror the stock Myth II map (where applicable, for example, Venice and Dead of Winer only have single trades), in addition, there are 2 new unit trades: 1 set for MWC play, and 1 set with my brand new units!

There are 55 meshes total, with trades approved by MWC vets, balanced, tested, and balanced again.

Welcome to the Legacy of Myth, and you're part of it!

gl hf.