by Bungie

"...When I first began to have visions I shared them with you, for the evil in them was familiar to me. But you dismissed them because peace has lain easily on our land. At first I also sought to dismiss them. Now, however, I see too clearly the gardens hung with bones, the silent march of skeletal armies and behind them all, a woman wielding a token of great power. You may believe that I have been scarred by too many battles and that I hear their echoes even in my dreams, but I know these visions are real and not the shadows of memory. I must act..."

Thus begins Chimera--an eight level single-player quest set in the Myth world. Ten years after Soulblighter's defeat, three veteran heroes of the battles against the Fallen band together to confront a vengeful sorceress and the evil she has awakened.

Developed by the Badlands map making group with the support of Bungie Software and members of the Myth II development team, Chimera pushes Myth II's technological boundaries with stunning new characters, maps and cinematics. Featuring the voice talents of your favorite Bungie employees, an original musical score by "Glue the Moose," and the sound-mixing magic of Marty O'Donnell (one half of the O'Donnell-Salvatori team that created the sounds and soundtracks for Myth and Myth II), Chimera is a welcome addition to the Myth franchise.