Barbarian Valley

by clem of Creation

Like most Creation Multiplayer releases, this map includes both Solo & Multiplayer meshes for your enjoyment.

This is the story for "Contest of Champions," the custom solo level. Access this solo level by clicking "New Game" (you need not press the shift key) and enjoy! Read the story with accompanying Art, Narration and Music in-game, or take a peek now.

Lord Bachian's cough was getting worse.

He could not help but notice the ever-increasing number of flecks of blood and he knew that his time was growing short. He stood by the fire trying to keep his bones warm. All his years of wielding his sword and shield, fighting for his king and homeland, and it had come to this tired and old and waiting for Death's Angel to take him to whatever lay beyond. He worried for his small village in the Cincian Woods. The elder Magistrate had done his best to govern justly in the name of his king, but he could not account for what his sons might do.

The twins Golthir and Bolthir, were irresponsible and spoiled. They had been at each other's throats since the womb and he doubted that their rivalry would end when he passed. He knew they would squander all he had fought to build.

Galnin, the youngest, was strong, cunning and fair a worthy heir, and he would surely inherit Bachian's lands, were he not the youngest.

Perhaps, some sort of contest should decide. His birthday gala was within the week and it would provide the perfect opportunity. Galnin was quick with both his mind and sword and would surely win. Should he be victorious in a lawful game, then the brothers would have no choice but to accept Galnin as the new Lord of Bachian House.

Assuming, of course that the others play a fair game.

:::: Info on the Various Meshes -----------------------------------------------

BV is based on the concept of huge, epic battles. You will not see any dedicated FFA meshes. Although you can TRY to play FFA on the 4-team meshes, the huge army is difficult for one person to control. Get a teammate or three and play team games on it!

::1:: Valley of the Light

This mesh gives you a large, light unitset. Think of it as Creep but with four teams. It is recommended that you have at least two, preferably three people per team.

::2:: Valley of the Light - 2 Team

The unit trading for this mesh is exactly the same as the previous one, but there are only two teams. This is perfect if you dont have enough people to adequately stock each team.

::3:: Valley of the Dark

Four teams with large armies of Dark units.

::4:: Valley of the Dark - Two Team

Two teams with large armies of Dark units. Same trading as above.

::5:: Valley of the Fallen - 4 Team

This mesh has a mix of Light and Dark units. Four teams, and again, a huge army for each team. This is a tribute to "Rest in Pieces"

::6:: Valley of Nostalgia - TFL

It is important to note that PHYSICS HERE HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO MYTH: THE FALLEN LORD physics! This means that melee does not clump so you have to surround to win a melee battle, not clump together. Also dwarves are more unpredictable, dud molotovs are blasted around more easily, and archers are less accurate & have no poison arrows. Thrall also have a much cooler death, like they did in TFL.

::4:: Contest of Champions (SOLO)

The king is dying, and must decide which heir to leave his kingdom to. The oldest brothers, twins, are irresponsible, reckless, and would destroy all the king has fought so hard to build. You play Galnin, the youngest brother, a strong, fair, and wise prince. You must defeat your brothers in a game to claim your kingdom.

This mesh is a cross between "With Friends Like These" and "The Deceiver." It plays sort of like a netgame, as your objective is to capture the enemies crystals and bring them to your flag, while they try to take yours. There are two mutually opposing armies, those of the twins, as well as yours. Have fun with it!