by Creation

UPDATE: v1.4 alters the number of archers in the south start position to 22/28 which matches the north start.

UPDATE: v1.3 tweaks the Shadow unitset to the specifications of the Blood Tournament players and organizers. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we did make the map specifically for their tourney. Please re-DL the map if you already have it.

A wide, grassy plain is adorned with a winding river, a wall, a destroyed castle, and an abandoned church. Hvergelmir is exactingly created to be a balanced and enjoyable tournament map made to the specifications of the players it was created for.

Hvergelmir has four meshes, Light, Dark, Shadow, and Slugfest. Dusk falls on the shadow mesh and rain falls and ebbs on the slugfest mesh. There is also a new unit from The Seventh God present on the Light mesh, the Warrior of Thell.

This new unit looks similar to a warrior, but has the special ability to block with his shield. And yes, this will block arrows, however, it will only block arrows while the shield is raised, and will only deflect ones arriving from the front, exactly as you would expect.