Years of Famine

by Leif

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This map is a remake of Death in Dire Marsh from Myth I, it's similar to what Bungie did in porting I'll Dance on Your Grave to Myth II as I'll Fall on Your Grave. But, instead of an autumn look I chose one completely opposite of the original map.

In the years since the Great War this once lush swamp land has become dry and desolate, even the great, flowing river is now clogged with mud and debris, but now it will once again flow red with the renewed campaigns against the dark.

The plugin itself features 3 unique meshes and supports most game types, to bring back the feel of the original I've included Nekricide's myrmidion port and also Mormith's Forest Giant. Though the Forest Giant never made an appearance in Death In Dire Marsh for Myth I, I added a light mesh, which I had always thought was missing in the original.