WWIV: Marathon

by Zak's Mapmaking Team!

8/4/15 Update:

Added survival variant to every mesh. Now you get to fight aliens while you fight each other!

Slightly increased SMG damage, since it was a bit underpowered.

Updated the readme.

This plugin is the result of tags stolen and scavenged from current and dead mapmakers. The resulting frankenstein of a plugin has been dubbed "WWIV".

KOTH deathmatch FFA is my favorite choice in this plugin, since you respawn in a new location each time.

The Marine Cyborg, which is the only unit in the maps, was originally taken from Marathon, by TychoMax, and then edited thoroughly by OogaBooga. Ooga deserves a lot of credit for adding so many sequences/bitmaps that can be seamlessly changed by picking up a gun or changing your inventory. Half of the projectiles were added by OogaBooga as well, in his Mjolnir project. Then I really started to mess with it and the result is the unit you have before you!

There were various maps I have stolen from, that make up this plugin as well. I don't think I can credit everyone because its ambiguous who made some of them, or I can't find that information on the tain. If someone wants credit, however, I am more than willing to edit this readme or change the item description on the tain.

Here are what credits I CAN find:

Marine Cyborg: TychoMax/OogaBooga Yosemite: Martin Bloodshed: Vamp The Camp: Ozone Bridges Between Us: Ozone The Bridge: Ozone The Village: Ozone Carnage Islands: Ozone City of Delusion: Strangelet/Raistlin ( I think) Com Center: Strangelet/Raistlin ( I think) Rhynth City: Strangelet/Raistlin ( I think) zookville: Ozone Trenches of Reason: Ozone Urban Warfare: Ailil Recon: Santa's Head Titans: Santa's Head Combat: Mcqueen Urban Recon: Ozone