WWII: Tokyo 2021

by Year of Demosso

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Note: This plugin requires the WWII: Units tagset.

This map is a trial to make a real "modern map".

Can we have very real tall buildings in Myth maps?
And if so, will it be fun?

This map includes 3 meshes:
1. 6 player unit tradable / about 10 soldiers, 1 tank(max 2)
2. 12 player (patrol) unit fix / 3 soldiers, 1 tank
3. 12 player (elimination) unit fix / 1 soldier

You can play BC, LMotH, KotH and Assasin on (1) and (2).

(3) only supports BC, LMotH and KotH.

Try this, and I'll be glad if you have some fun.