WWII: Beyond Recall

by Dozer

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Note: This plugin requires the WWII: Units tagset.

Journal Entry

The situation is desperate. Time is running out. This damn heat and humidity is makin us all move way too slow. Our men are drained. But like I said, there is no time. The cannisters were dropped by plane just beyond these ruins. They have hired the notorious Omega Squadron (mercs) to pick up and transport the cannisters. Intelligence reports are too shady. They won't tell us what's in the cannisters. It must be dangerously important if their sending us. We're not sure what were heading into. Scares the hell out of me. Were not sure if they know were comin. Im hoping for a surprise. Our men have been in jungle combat, but not under these conditions. We do know there are native villages nearby. They all seem to be peaceful. Although Ive heard stories of cannibals in these parts from as far back as 600 B.C. So I'm not sleepin with my boots off.

Recon Intelligence Report:

This intelligence report is not secure. It was leaked out to spies before we even got it. By now, even the third world armies will be looking for the cannisters as well. You must recover them first. Preferably before they contaminate the area. In that event, a complete burn out of the entire site. Recon also reports that the Omega's have a test bunker established already.


The area is rough terrain with thick brush and overgrowth. Once a sacrificial site for ancient Aztec's. To the north is a small village. Stay clear of the locals. They should not be dangerous, but we dont need any accidents this time. Good luck and god speed to ya, soldier.


Beyond Recall has 3 varients. 12 teams, 2 teams, and 4 teams. Although, by changing the difficulty level, you change the game type dramaticly.