WWII: Autumn Recon v1.1

by Sk8er4life -Army-

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Autumn Recon basically is Recon improved in many ways.

AR has options like ALL the game types on every mesh.

2,3,4,5,6 units on patrol meshes depending on which difficulty level is selected.

There are SEPERATE meshes for meshes that have snipers, and or mercenaries.

Nobody will lose any options in this plugin that you have in regular Recon.

Autumn Recon was made to give ww2ers more options, less FPS lag (like the swamps in regular recon, are now puddles) and a fresh look that I hope you all enjoy.

The inventory option allows you to switch from an RPG to grenade, medkit to grenade, or incen grenade to regular grenade, and vice-versa (the inventory option only works when using build 242 or version 1.5.1 of Myth).

This is a quick summary of Autumn Recon. There are still many options I haven't mentioned. You'll just have to play and find out, or ask me :)

Thanks again to all the testers, and all who had input on this plugin! Download, play, enjoy! have a good one :)

LEGAL STUFF: Copyright 2004 in whole or in part Take Two Interactive Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Sk8er4life and SCORCH (Sk8er4life's AIM: Sk8er4life5025 and SCORCH's ICQ#: 115708428