Vegas (Mac Classic)

by Bungie

Vegas is Bungie's third, and never officially released, mod making tool, designed for editing geometry and model tags. It gives functions like specifying vertice points to grab the mesh and 'stick' to the ground, it allows you to create media effect and reflection on surfaces and vertices on the model, as well as letting you set up which squares 'replace the mesh' and which squares are walking/flying impassible. It also allows you to create permutations on a model, so that you can have shadowed surfaces set up for different rotations of the model, or if you've indexed it properly, allowing you to have entirely different skins on one model.

This program only works on Macintosh, and requires a Classic version of MacOS, as well as a debugger like Macsbug to run properly. There was never any documentation, so poke around and figure things out!