The Year of Burning Stone

by Naraoia

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"I shall have the Ibis Crown, pretender, if I must take it from your crushed skull with my own two hands," Balor shrieked, and loosed the magics which would turn a green and pleasant land into a desolate expanse of ash and soot.

Days later the Heron Guard returned to Muirthemne.

It has been 2500 years since first the Heron banner was lifted in the name of the Cath Bruig. Through fire and storm and steel and war the honor of the Guard was never stained.

That day Muirthemne burned with unholy flame.

That day the Emperor Ceiscoran was buried in an unmarked grave so the Ghols would not gnaw his bones.

That day the Heron Guard was no more.

This is the tale of what happened next... the tale of why the former Heron Guard put aside their swords and took instead the mantle of penitence. Of why they came to be known as Journeymen and how they chose to fight for the West. Of why they carry shovels and how the Deceiver went bad... and more.

The plugin comprises five levels of white-knuckled action, as the honorless survivors of Muirthemne's destruction cross the Cloudspine and learn what it means to take a vow... and watch it be broken. A fast-paced adventure and a gripping tale of fantasy in one. Four months in the making, this is:

The Year of Burning Stone.