The Siege v2

by Drongo

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November the 19th, White Falls

Written by Dewe Rusch, 1st Company

So far, every thing has gone to plan. After months of holding back the Dark at the hastily made fort at Willow, half of our company was called by Alric himself to help defend the newly liberated fortress at White Falls. We all know Soalblighter will want the fort back very badly, however a large proportion of his forces are off trying to find The Deciever and many are still regrouping after the search for the Summoner. Dwarven engineers are still repairing the cannons after two of their kind blew the entire breach off one and dented the barrel of another during the capture. They say they should both be ready for use by sundown. I wish it would be earlier.

The attack will come soon. We have tried to tell the few peasantry left not to even go near the river and stay within the fort, but they are a fishing people, and will not listen. I can only pray they will have time to escape. They made a strange 'offering' to wyrd for us just minutes ago. They seem to worship just slightly differently than us, however : they planted grass in the shape of a myrkridia just above the fort to the north, with two glowing stones for the eyes, according to them, this will blind them. Although I am almost sure this is not the truth, I am sure they are magical in someway.

There is... something strange at this fort. A premonition, a sign that I cannot pin-point. At first I thought I was alone in the feeling, but I have seen many often glancing behind them at night, carrying their weapons even to the latrines. Two Flint Moon Rising has said to me it is most probably the stench of the dark still lingering, but...I feel it is something more. Just to back this up, I even saw Two Flint carring two sharpened swords around with him, shadow sparring with them at blinding speeds. Maybe the Dark is still within the fort.

Now it is my turn to do sentry duty, and i must go.

This is an almost totaly revamped version of my first map: The Siege. I have redone much of the scripting, added more story, more units (fetch, ghols), stuck in a "puzzle" (well, sorta), made it much harder, and fixed many bugs (soalblighter now ravens away, the dark march in proper formation, etc.) There is also some ghol POWs who try about every 1 in 2 games to escape and help out the dark in legendary. They even go up and get the cannon balls :)

As I said, I made it harder - before I could finish it on leg with only 10 casualties on my first go... not good for any map. Just try it now, for fun. eheheheh. Big hands to Discordia for giving the bug report and review. Because of him, now it plays heaps better. Also to Ares for the Scriping Guide.

PLEASE REVIEW!!! (and re-review) and tell me what you think, plus tell me of any bugs. I am currently working on a campaign, and i need all the support i can get!!! Have Fun!