The Greatest Library v1.51

by Vice

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The Great Library but with additional carnage and pain.

Super bad daddy villain "Ceriac", Paul Blart, and character development all-inclusive.

Keep the flag clear of enemies or die trying! This map is meant to be played in coop mode with others. For additional information check out the included Read Me file and in-game hints.

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Changelog v1.51 (05/06/2022)

  • Re-added (Lite) by popular demand
  • To reduce confusion, (Lite) now uses the same off-hill rules as standard
  • Boss wave now triggers after 15-17 minutes
  • New infinite waves
  • Added Dwarf Brigands to some Brigand waves
  • Removed pre-game and post-game narration
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments

Changelog v1.5 (01/06/2022)

  • Completely revamped the final battle, featuring 64 possible permutations
  • Reworked reinforcement system entirely
  • Reworked wave system somewhat
  • Added numerous new waves
  • To avoid accidents, only Alric's taunt triggers flag taunt outcomes
  • To avoid accidents, only Alric may now go off-hill
  • To make accidents less punishing, only units which have gone off-hill die, rather than triggering a trow train
  • Reworked flag taunt outcomes to be less brutal
  • Certain flag taunt outcomes are now infinite
  • Alric can now be stoned
  • Increased starting puss arrows 6 > 9
  • Increased starting fire arrows 4 > 6
  • Decreased starting roots 9 > 6
  • Increased Mortar Hero special's satchel count
  • Lowered Mortar Hero special's minimum range
  • Numerous waves have been rebalanced
  • Mahir now use their special hold spell
  • Dark Journeyman now self-heals
  • Iron Thrall HP 7.0-7.5 > 7.0
  • Renamed Bowman Elemental to Watcher
  • Bowman Watcher Mana Recharge Rate 0.03 > 0.06
  • Ghols now carry more dangerous payloads
  • Replaced old flag rocks with indestructible rocks
  • Venomous Soulless' javelins now use the correct colour palette
  • Flag adjustments; snappier reactions with less spammy sounds
  • Flag grace period increased 2s > 5s
  • Removed TGL (Lite) and (Dark)
  • Countless minor fixes and balancing adjustments

Please feel free to send me feedback on Discord: Sepherescent#6910