The 7th Dwarf

by ozone/zeph

alt text The Seventh Dwarf VERSION 2 has finally arrived after many months in the making! Actually, many of those months were totally inactive on our part.

Ozone and Zeph are proud to present you this new version which fixes most if not all bugs brought in the original version. This version brings many new units, new weapons and revamped playing style.

Notable fix from old versions :

No more vetting to gain new weapon. We figured that vetting is not the way to go when there are endless enemies. All dwarves start with all the special weapons. To counter this, halls have been made even harder :) A game now takes less than 1 hour to complete.

You now have some backup from dwarven Miners and dwarven Slayers!

New flavor texts from Anthson!

Special weapons can be dropped from dead thralls.

In front of portals are small white crystal, this is the new target to destroy them.

Halls contain much more units than before and more variety.

When not playing on legendary, key masters will appear for 1 minute. Taunt with them to have direct access to some halls. I added this so that if you die, you can start again on the same hall without having to do the previous ones again.

If a team beats it on legendary, send us films on

As a last note This is a public beta, the dwarven slayer may NOT be used without Zeph's permission.

-Zeph and Ozone

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