TFL Tools (Mac Classic)

by Bungie

In the past, TFL map editing was only for the brave or privileged, and often both. Brave, because if you didn't have Bungie's development tools, you had a world of hex-editing and buggy, ineffective editors to use. Privileged, because there were very few people who had the Bungie tools at their disposal, and those who had them were very good about keeping them out of the public's hands. Both, because even if you had these tools, there was no documentation for them, and they too are incomplete and buggy.

Finally, these once off-limits tools are now available to you with the added benefit of documentation.

The following tools are included:
- Loathing, Extractor, TagEdit and MacsBug.

The reason why Bungie didn't want these tools released all this time was because they were not finished; They are in beta, need a debugger to run properly, and are incomplete to an extent. While they give the user more ability than all the third party TFL editors combined, they still have limits. They are developer tools, not polished products. These tools are not platform independent either, they can only be used on Macs (there has been mixed success with Mac emulators).

Remember, making a good map for TFL requires a lot of skill. Using these tools effectively will be easier for those of you who have had practice using Fear and Loathing for Myth II. These tools make map editing easier, but by no means easy. Be patient, this is a complicated process, and hopefully it will become slightly easier for many of you now.

Lastly, do not contact Bungie or Take Two concerning the use of these tools. These tools are slightly unstable, and in making maps you will probably crash now and then. Install these tools at your own risk, and if bad things happen, you're on your own. If you're really nice, somebody who knows about these things (like us) might help you, but don't count on continued support for these tools. Proceed at your own risk.