Shimedaiko MWC2021 T.E. v1.7

by Paris

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1.7 update: Composite Changes - Adjusted some impassible terrain behind North West unit spawns on all 3 meshes

Mesh Changes: Dark - Differences between each team's timing of arriving to mid and perimeter on Flag Rally Gametype have been significantly reduced.

1.6 update: Composite Changes: - changed spacing of trees to prevent blockage in 3 areas in the north west and 1 area in the south east -

Mesh Changes: Dark - synchronized both teams unit trading values to be that of bungie's Trow mesh, so south begins with -2 maul in their starting trade.

1.5 update: Composite Changes - fixed starting terrain for northwest spawn so units are no longer on impassable terrain. - added new ceremonial pregame lobby graphics to each mesh - added ceremonial NAME CHANGING to all units on all meshes - added stampede to all meshes - assigned or added new assassin units to all meshes - stampede and assassin have 1 brigand target and 2 decoy brigands that are untradeable on all meshes

Mesh specific Changes - Dark - stampede and assassin have 1/5 trow targets available, all tradable - Light - synchronized both teams unit trading values at 177, so north begins with +2 thrall in their starting trade. - stampede and assassin have 3/5 journeyman targets available, all tradable. - Venice X2 - stampede and assassin have 1/1 trow target available, untradeable

Unit Changes - added a tribute to everyone who spent time in the post COVID outbreak era to participate in spoon's MWC. Thanks for playing!

Big thanks to HMP, Cydonian Jon God, Point ARMY and Tycho X for the help in inspiring my contributions to this piece of work. I used Fear, Loathing, Oak and GIMP to fine tune this work of art so thanks to anyone who contributed to those applications. It's been over or just about 10 years (I'd say 2011) since I've last released anything with a remake of Krille's Green Paradise TE 1.2, and I had a few mistakes with that pregame image, so it was fun re-learning and improving the technique of the map making process that comes with Myth. If I can do it, you can too. Be well.

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