Sapo's Myth TFL Solo (Legendary, No Casualties)

by el_sapo_guapo

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Let me preface this by saying that I am by no means an expert Myth player, however I had a lot of fun playing through the Myth TFL campaign (the Magma "Fallen Levels" version) after not playing the games for years.

I decided I wanted to see how beefcake my veteran army would get by the later levels of the game, so I decided in order to see the true potential, I needed to beat the game without losing a single unit. I know it's been done before, but I enjoy watching other people's films playing through the levels and seeing varying tactics/tricks to beating them.

Some strategies were "borrowed" from users like Tanti1675 (on youtube) and Sardonac (on here), however I think there might be some new things that people would enjoy watching.

I guess my proudest moment would be the run through of "The Watcher," which is the hardest level to beat without losing a unit. (imho)

Anyway, if one person finds any enjoyment in this upload, then I will count it as a "Victory" with "No Casualties." (terrible joke)

I look forward to doing the same thing with "Soulblighter" soon.

(Note: There's a bug on the level "Bagrada" which automatically gives you 4 unit losses, even when playing through it with no casualties. I read in a forum post somewhere that it was because on the higher difficulties, it gives you 4 less units to start with, and this ends up counting against you. This made the OCD side of me flip out for awhile, but alas, could do nothing about it. Maybe it could be fixed if there was an update to "The Fallen Levels.")