(Old version, do not download)Free For All Map Pack

by Zak's Mapmaking Team!


This map pack takes some previously unused FFA maps (in regular myth at least), and some rarely used ones as well.

Zak's Free For All Map Pack Credits:

  • Sticks and Stones: Remedial
  • Bleak Spaces: Jinn
  • A Place to Stand: Jinn
  • Sleepy Hollow: Thoran
  • Blacken my Eye: Creation
  • Tokkun Doujou: Creation
  • Garden of Segesta: Badlands
  • Ari-Na Senshi: Creation
  • Mixed Blessing: Soma
  • Rain of the Borogove: Leadfeather
  • Drearr's Glade: remedial
  • Worlds Collide: Cydonian
  • Spiral into the Island: The Plumber
  • Chop 'till you Drop: Revorin
  • Distant Sands: Midnight
  • Go Home & Cry to Momma!: Omac
  • Wasteland: GimpMask
  • Grim Dawning: Remedial
  • A Calling Ktulu:
  • Myth of Gor-Ash: Creation
  • Gravediggers: Badlands
  • Stinkie's Graveyard: TMBM
  • Moon Shadow Cave: Vista
  • Piled Higher and Deeper: Malkavian
  • Discovery: Hexographica
  • Behind the Library: Creation
  • Chaos: Zyros The Dark Elf
  • Forest Giant FIghting Grounds Gold™: Zaknafein
  • Winter of your Discontent: Omac
  • Paths Trodden Black: Remedial
  • Snowfight: GHOST
  • How Few Remain: Mechjock
  • Heaven's Gate: Mechjock
  • Thank God It's You!: Mechjock
  • Myrkridian Slave Trade: VERSION
  • Pirates!: Cydonian
  • Carnage Islands: Ozone
  • Kaelvranpik Swamp: They Might Be Mapmakers
  • Insomnia: Darth Bane
  • Khuba Dhunmo: Oogabooga
  • Let Wyrd Sort'em Out: Remedial
  • Belly of the Beast: Badlands
  • Around the Bend: KVLtv
  • Going to Town: Bungie
  • Arena Quatro: Toecutter
  • Boil and Bubble: Bungie
  • Gardens of Aja: Giant
  • Meibatsu Kosatsu: Creation
  • Sunburn: Demosthenes
  • Heart of Darkness: Vista
  • Tallow Abbey: Vista
  • Green Hell: Krille
  • Peace on the Ramparts: Creation
  • Mythwarrior: Rohan MoR

This plugin also uses some 3rd party units, but I carefully selected them so that the plugin would remain regular myth. There are myrmidons, forest giants, thrall elite, bonemen, ghost dwarf mortars, ghost heron guards, ghost warriors, ghost northmen, minions, doom scouts, and frost warlocks.

Frost warlocks lob an ice spike that will freeze units, but is weaker than a fireball. The minion is like a floating spider with a ghast attack. A doom scout is similar to the northman unit, but has a stronger attack and walks faster, as well as being undead. Ghost units now walk on water.

Unit Credits:

  • Minion: Creation
  • Frost warlock: Creation
  • Boneman: Bungie/Badlands
  • Belial: Sandman, Disc, GHOST
  • Rahab: Sandman, Disc, Ghost
  • Sheep: Fisj
  • Lizard: Cydonian
  • Beetle: Tychomax
  • Monkey: Cydonian
  • Blob: Tychomax
  • Grendel: Tychomax
  • Turtle: Creation
  • Butterfly: Fisj
  • I have also made some only undead unit variants but they are highly experimental and should be avoided if you prefer regular myth play. They are listed below the stock bungie maps, while the reg myth variants are at the top of the map list.

    The Free For All Map Pack final version 3 was uploaded March 21st, 2012.