Oblivous Co-ops

by Sycorax

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This is a group of five co-op maps for Myth: The Fallen Lords, all taking place on the same mesh (Mudpit Masscure). Mudpit has become the site of five different unit type civil wars between huge armies (yours caught in the middle of two wanting to fight each other and you), the only real goal is to surive the battle with your ass still in one piece, which is a trick to behold, here are the maps in more detail.

The first map is named Honor of the fir'Bolg, which as you could guess is a version of a fir'Bolg civil war. The units include two Forest Giants, one Dwarven Hero, six Archer Heroes, and around 30 to 40 Archers, and about 25 Thrall, caught in the middle of two warring armies of archers and thrall about 80 men strong each.

The second map is called Pulled Through The Dark, this is an all dark unit version, a civil war has broken out between the dark, and your squad is caught in the middle of Deceiver's army and The Watcher's army. The units include one trow, two fetch, 6 ghols, about 20 Myrmidons, many thrall, and about 20 something soulless, verus two warring armies of soulless, myrms, and thrall.

The third version is a standardized Bungie multiplayer unit trading civil war, which is basicly the units found on light maps like Desert Between Your Ears. The units include Warriors, Archers, Thrall, one Journeyman, two Dwarven Heroes, and six Ghols.

The Fourth version is called A Beautiful Oblivion, this is a mixed unit map, with the units including ones that wouldn't usually be teamed together, the units include, Bererkers, Myrmidons, two fetch, one Mahir, thrall, Warriors, and Archers, verus two warring armies of archers, warriors, and thrall.

The last version is for all those dwarve crazied people out there. The Dwarves have finally drink one bottle of sweet ale too many and started a civil war. This map includes two dwarven heroes, severel Dwarven Regulars, and thrall, verus two warring (if not drunk) armies of dwarven regulars and thrall.

There are somethings that might worry people at first, like the floating units at the begining, which is not a glich they just float at the begining for my silly little reasons, move them and they'll go to the ground where they belong. One error does come up sometimes but it's not serious enough to hurt gameplay, if you encounter it, just view the Readme text, it explains what it means.