Myth: The New Tactics

by spicysaltysquid

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(aka "Myth TNT") by Nathan Cormier

This plugin is designed to expand the tactical depth of Myth2 multiplayer, with units and maps that complement the original content from Bungie.

All the new units are intended to add interesting new elements to netplay, and have been playtested for balance (and for FUN-factor of course). None of the original Myth/Myth2 units have been modified.

They have been designed to fit in with the art style and spirit of the original game units. Despite being low-res the original units have a certain retro charm, and I wanted to add units that look like they belong in the Myth universe.

For meshes, there is an emphasis on smaller meshes that are suitable for quick action with only 2 players. However a few larger meshes are included and most have at least 4 starting locations. None of the meshes are completely original but I found both obscure and extremely excellent meshes that are worth sharing again and their authors are credited below. On many of them I have tweaked the colormaps, occasionally the landscape, and in some cases added detail textures where they were missing. This is also intended to be a collection of the best-of-the-best meshes ever made.